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Warning for Irish beachgoers as ‘great white shark’ spotted ‘not far from coast’


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A WARNING has been issued to beachgoers across the country after fishermen claimed that they spotted a “Great White Shark” in Irish waters.

The fishermen were left shocked by the sight off the beast, which they spotted off the Galway coast.


Three fishermen spotted the animal off the coast of GalwayCredit: Collect
A Great White Shark has been spotted off the coast of Connemara in Galway


A Great White Shark has been spotted off the coast of Connemara in GalwayCredit: Getty Images – Getty

John McGloin was fishing off the coast of Connemara in Galway with his friend when a Great White Shark approached their boat.

He was left flabbergasted by the rare moment as the shark dawdled around his boat before swimming off.

Nearly all coastal and offshore areas with temperatures between 12C and 24C during the summer months are home to the Great White Sharks.

However, some experts say that as the Atlantic Ocean heats up due to global warming, sharks and other sea creatures may be relocating their habitats further north.


While Great White Sharks aren’t hostile towards humans and they don’t consider us food, they do pose a threat when close to people as they can still bite – which is very painful.

Speaking to Galway Beo, John said: “There is no doubt that it is a Great White Shark with about three meters in length.

“The shark was very curious, circling around the boat for a couple minutes until it disappeared.

“It wasn’t far from the coast and my friend has spotted a few fins in the last few days around the Galway area, mostly in between Spiddal and the Aran Islands.

“So this is a warning to all the swimmers.”

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He urges all swimmers to proceed with caution when swimming in Irish waters, as Great White Sharks are accountable for the highest number of unprovoked attacks on humans globally.

However, the attacks are very rare as less than ten attacks occur worldwide each year.


Connemara is a popular summer spot with many people flocking to the location during the hotter weather.

Dog’s Bay Beach, in particular, is one extremely popular beach known for its picturesque views, stretches of white sand and crystal clear waters – making it a popular swimming spot.

No warnings have been issued by any health officials about the Galway coast, but swimmers must keep in mind the potential Great White Shark sighting in mind if planning to swim in the Galway Coastal area or any coastal area.

Swimmers also should follow the guidelines of the area for the Irish waters as there could be dangerous objects underneath the water or dangerous water conditions, including rip currents or choppy water conditions.

They are urged to check the weather conditions and tide times before heading out and to always ensure they have a means of calling for help, as well as never swimming alone.

Parents are also urged to keep their eyes on children at all times near water.

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