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Public warned of surge in moth infestations that will ‘wreak havoc’ on clothes and furniture


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An increase of 29pc for textile moth callouts in the Limerick region has been observed with species such as the brown house moth particularly prevalent during Spring.

“These pests pose a significant threat to cherished possessions, as their larvae feed on fabrics containing keratin, such as wool, fur, and silk,” pest control provider Rentokil warned.

They infest undisturbed areas like spare bedrooms, unused wardrobes, and attics, while moth larvae can wreak havoc on clothes, carpets, curtains, and upholstery, causing irreparable damage.

To help mitigate the risk of a moth infestation and safeguard valued belongings, Rentokil advised homeowners to undertake early spring cleaning measures.

Today’s News in 90 Seconds – March 25th

Colm Moore, Area Technical Manager for Rentokil, said: “There are several steps that people can take to guard against the presence of moths in their homes.”

These include ensuring clothes are clean before storing them as soiled and dirty clothes are more likely to attract moths.

It is also advised to ensure clothes that are being stored for long periods, such as suits and wedding dresses, are placed inside appropriately sealed bags or suitcases.

Homeowners are being advised to use fly screens or keep curtains drawn at night to help prevent moths from entering your home and to clean and vacuum regularly to remove moth eggs.

Old textiles such as rugs and clothes, that may be stored for long periods in attics and wardrobes could be harbouring long-seated infestations.

Remove or treat these items, Rentokil says.

“Be aware that old bird nests in attics may also be harbouring textile moths and other invertebrate pest populations,” the company added.

By meticulously cleaning and properly storing winter clothes, employing fly screens, and maintaining cleanliness through regular vacuuming, individuals can proactively prevent moth eggs from hatching.

This will also ensure that infestations do not take hold within Irish homes.

“The presence of moths can become very costly for home and business owners, both financially and emotionally,” Mr Moore added.

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