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Irish Tiktok star’s video showing abandoned shop frozen in time goes viral


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Jamie Robinson (24) from Ballyclare came across the seaside shop that had been closed for more than 10 years

Jamie Robinson (24) from Ballyclare, Co Antrim came across the seaside shop that had been closed for more than 10 years while travelling with his pal Jordan to another location.

As they navigate through the rubbish-strewn floor they discover untouched food tins and drink bottles left behind on the shelves.

In the video that has even been reported on by the New York Post, a price list from 2012 remained stuck to the side of the fridge alongside bottles of Diet Coke, Ribena and water.

“So today me and Jordan randomly came across this abandoned shop that has been closed since 2012,” Jamie narrates in his TikTok video that has since gone viral.

“But look at how much stuff has actually been left since then.

“This place has been abandoned for over 10 years and there’s just so much left still.”

“Even on the floor — like none of this is rubbish at all. It’s full.”

In what appeared to be a former newsagents, magazines were still stacked intact while the dilapidated ceiling and walls featured framed advertisements in good condition.

The rubbish-strewn floor

“We were so surprised by this place,” Jamie said. “For a random one on the side of a road you don’t usually get this much left.”

However, he added “the smokes are gone”, as he indicted an empty cigarette shelf.

After sharing the “very impressive” and “unexpected” discovery on TikTok and Instagram, followers have left numerous comments wondering why the food hadn’t been donated.

“That’s mad [you’d think] they would have given it away or feed the homeless,” one person wrote.

“Why would you leave the Dairy milk & the fruit polos? This bugs me the most,” a second wrote.

Jamie Robinson from Ballyclare

A third added: “You some of that might still be safe,” with a fourth claiming: “Sadly an eviction and only had limited time to remove goods.”

One person joked: “Taste the milk. It might be still good to go.”

Jamie, who started his explorations during the pandemic, has since racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok where his videos have been viewed millions of times.

One of the most popular videos is of him investigating an abandoned hospital in Belfast.

“I started TikTok about two-and-a-half years ago,” he told the Belfast Telegraph last year.

Bottles still line the shelves

“During Covid there was nothing else really to do, so I thought we would go out for a bit, and then we found the hospital and it just started from there.”

He has found that his many of his videos connect people with their past, with some sharing, “that’s the hospital I was born in” or “you are in the classroom of a certain teacher”.

“I just find that interesting, they remember that and I can show them something that was a big part of their life,” he said.

“Obviously, when we go somewhere we would research it beforehand, but a lot of the time locals will come up and tell you about it or someone will comment and tell you.

“Talking to people is how you get the real history of a place.”

Jamie’s video has since gone viral

However, he told how he prefers to investigate the abandoned buildings with company, as it “can be a bit scary sometimes, like if there are homeless people in the building”.

“Last week we were exploring an abandoned nightclub and there was a man there watching us, and we didn’t realise.

“There were three of us at one end and then my friend Jack came running in and said: ‘There’s someone in here’.

“We all just ran out, it was probably the scariest thing that’s happened to us.”

He also said hospitals can be some of the scariest places to visit.

“We found a lung once, so that sort of turns you white for a wee bit with the shock, and then you would see blood lying on the desks,” he added.

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