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‘Forgive a bloke’ – Russell Crowe corrects list of upcoming gigs after ‘lumping’ Dublin in with UK dates


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The star is embarking on a tour this July with his band the Indoor Garden Party, with a night in Dublin on July 1.

Crowe named Dublin under the list of locations on their “UK tour”, later issuing a correction that “Ireland in July is Dublin”.

“UK gigs in the same month Warrington, London, Leeds, Inverness,” he added.

“Ok, to those who understand… cannot believe I lumped the Emeralds with the coal, haha. Forgive a bloke with too many balls in the air? We will be there. On a Monday night. July 1. No exorcisms this time, just tunes and pints and stories and I’ll know exactly where I am.”

The actor shot his film The Pope’s Exorcist in Ireland, with locations in Dublin and Wicklow.

Actor Russell Crowe cycles into Bray, Co Wicklow during a break from filming at Ardmore Studios in Bray. Photo by Padraig O’Reilly

He formed a bond with former Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy while in filming, appearing on the Late Late Show and even becoming his first guest on his new radio gig at Virgin Radio UK.

Tubridy revealed the pair became friends two summers ago when the actor was the filming horror thriller.

A chilling trailer has been released for the highly-anticipated film ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’, which was shot in Wicklow and stars Russell Crowe.

Scenes for the new supernatural horror film were filmed last summer in Bray, and also in Dublin and Limerick, with Russell staying in Killiney, and getting to know nearby north Wicklow via regular bike rides.

In the film, which is due to be released in Irish cinemas on April 7, he stars as Fr Gabriele Amorth, who carried out over 100,000 exorcisms before he died at the age of 91 in 2016.

Joining him on the cast list is Franco Nero as the Pope of the time and Ralph Inerson as the voice of the demon. The Pope’s Exorcist is a true story based on two books Fr Amorth wrote about his life as an exorcist.

Directed by Julius Avery, it follows the story of the exorcists investigation into a young boy’s terrifying possession and ends up uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy the Vatican has desperately tried to keep hidden.

The trailer introduces the boy, the demon and highlights some of Fr Amorth’s strong and seemingly not entirely loved character.

Today’s News in 90 Seconds – February 21st

During their stay in Ireland Russell and his girlfriend Britney Theriot moved into stunning Georgian mansion ‘Mount Eagle’ on Vico Road in Killiney in south county Dublin at a cost of nearly €15,000 a week.

The same mansion was used by Matt Damon during his second stint of filming The Last Duel during 2020.

Crowe’s girlfriend Britney is also working on the film and was seen in conversation with him during breaks.

Britney is a 32-year-old American real estate agent and the couple confirmed their relationship in November 2022.

They first met on the set of his 2013 film Broken City, when Britney was working as an actress before becoming an auctioneer.

Other location work for ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ took place location at Trinity College and City Hall in Dublin, as well as a disused church in Drumcondra in the north of the capital.

While shooting Crowe was spotted having lunch with Ryan Tubridy in the Grapevine restaurant in Dalkey – the pair have become friends after Crowe appeared on the Late Late Show several times.

The star kept fit during his time here by cycling around south Dublin and north Wicklow.

The Gladiator actor told Tubridy during his first show in January that he was “going to do great things in that town” and congratulated him on his new show.

He teased Tubridy about his pale legs – which he saw while on the tennis court with the ex RTÉ star – and discussed his upcoming film projects, musical roles and his band Indoor Garden Party.

“I think you’re just perfect for that place man, I think they’re just going to find you very, very interesting,” Crowe told him.

The actor has long enjoyed a relationship with his Irish fans and has often shared stories of his time in the country.

He last year told how he met Sinéad O’Connor in Dublin and had the “opportunity” to tell the singer that she was a “hero” of his.

In a series of tweets following the news of her death, Crowe recalled the chance encounter with the star while enjoying a pint outside a pub in Dalkey last year.

He wrote: “Last year, working in Ireland, having a pint in the cold outside a Dalkey pub with some new friends, a woman with purpose strode past us.

“Puffy parker zipped to the nape and her bowed head covered in a scarf. One of my new friends muttered an exclamation, jumped up and pursued the woman. Thirty metres down the road, the friend and the woman embraced and he waved me over.

“There under streetlights with mist on my breath, I met Sinéad. She looked in my eyes, and uttered with disarming softness ‘oh, it’s you Russell’.”

He told how they shared conversations about politics, music, movies and more, with the actor adding that he then “had the opportunity to tell her she was a hero of mine”.

“When her second cup was taking on the night air, she rose, embraced us all and strode away into the fog-dimmed streetlights,” he said.

“We sat there the four of us and variously expressed the same thing. What an amazing woman.”

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