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Best Sports for Online Betting in Ireland


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 The Irish folk are not only passionate about sports, but they are also passionate about sports betting. Born from this passion is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world. There are several sports betting sites on the Irish market offering bets on a variety of sporting events and tournaments. When it comes to betting categories (sports) some are more popular options for Irish bettors than others. You must be wondering which sports  are the most popular and why. In this article, we discuss the best sports for online betting in Ireland.

Football (soccer)

Football is  arguably the most popular sport to bet on in Ireland. The sport consistently tops most charts and there are more events in football than other sports. Many Irish punters bet on football mainly because the games are easy to understand. Novices and experienced bettors alike can follow the events and understand how to bet on the game. Football is also available on nearly all online betting sites in Ireland which makes it an easy first pick.

 Gaelic football (GAA Sports)

Gaelic football is a popular sport in Ireland. Most bettors have played a game of Gaelic football at least once in their lifetime. The sport is very fun to play, entertaining to watch and easy to bet on. Gaelic football betting rules are simple to follow and even notices can get the hang of it in no time. Given that GAA sports are a category unique to the Republic of Ireland, most bookmakers offering bets to Irish punters would have these options available.


Irish bettors are huge fans of golf. The sports are popular largely thanks to Rory Mcllroy’s successful career in the sport. The Irish golfer has not only made a name for himself but has ignited a love and passion for the game from his countrymen. If you are interested in exploring sports betting options in golf, then there are a good number of excellent bookmakers that offer golf bets.

Horse racing

Horse racing is another major sport that you are most likely to find on sports betting sites. Betting on horse racing is uncomplicated and entertaining. There are widely available live coverages of the events which makes you feel like a part of the magic. There is an impressive range of betting markets, and many competitors which goes a long way to improve the betting experience.


Tennis is considered by many bettors to be one of best sport to bet on. Some might even say it is the most exciting. The games are action-packed and wagering on such a sport improves the overall experience. Punters can bet on every point, set, and game. Although tennis is not as popular as football or horse racing, online bookmakers offer attractive odds on major events and may even live streaming of some contests.


Betting on cricket is an incredibly exciting experience. It requires strategic thinking and offers a variety of game types. Online bookies in Ireland let you choose what type of cricket pretty much you want to bet on. These sites also ensure that all the updates and details you need for every match are provided on their platforms. Betting on cricket improves your experience whether you win or not.


Boxing is all about betting on the big-money events. These may not follow a set calendar but it’s the spontaneous nature of the events that makes them exciting. With such events, online bookmakers scramble to offer the best odds and services with a variety of promotional stuns. Live streaming on betting sites is typically not available for boxing matches but the collective excitement makes it a fun affair.


eSports betting has become a popular betting category for online sport bettors. The variety offered by Irish esports betting sites is astounding; ranging from League of Legends to CS:GO and many more games in between. Even though eSports is still at its early stages, there are a lot of websites that provide a wide selection of games. we can also expect more markets and improved odds in the future. There is still a sizable variety to choose from in the meantime, and live streaming for these events are also widely available.


Rugby is another exciting sport to bet on. Betting opportunities in Rugby are available at most online bookmakers. These sites cover major leagues as well as local games, offering Irish players a unique way to feel connected to the games and tournaments.


Although it might not seem like it, American sports culture has some significance in the European betting market. Nowadays, most Irish online bookmakers offer NBA (basketball) betting. The games are fast paced and a fantastic choice for live and prop bets. It is also easy to study statistics and follow trends in basketball since the teams are well known and often play against each other.

Betting on Sports In Ireland

To get the most out of your experience betting on sports, it is essential to sign up with a reputable online bookmaker. This includes ensuring that the bookie is licensed and regulated by a reputable body and that the site offers a variety of sports and betting markets. Some of the top bookmakers we recommend for Irish bettors are Legend Play Sport, Mr Mega, Betiton Sport, Betway, Tonybet and Royalistplay Sports.

These sites offer gamblers over 30 different sports to bet on including the top choices we have listed here. You can also take advantage of cutting edge features such as live streaming and live score updates. You can also customise your betting experience and benefit from a cash out feature and other generous offers. Visit this website to learn more about these bookmakers.


Irish bookmakers offer bettors are good variety of sports to bet on. Their offers are not limited to the options we have listed in this article. We hope this article helped you learn a lot about the different sports you can bet on and the bookmakers that genuine and offer memorable experiences.

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