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Anna Clifford combines comedy with astrology in new show ‘Comedy for Witches’


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Ms Clifford is combining comedy with her love for astrology, the moon, and magical storytelling in her new show Comedy for Witches.

“It came to me last year, I put a stand-up special on YouTube at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival called I See Deadly People,” Anna told the Irish Independent.

“I had jokes about witches and how they had a hard time back in the day, they were just women.

“I love crystals and doing little rituals in my day-to-day that I think are quite common for people. I like a bit of astrology, I like a bit of journaling. I like that side of my humour and poking fun at the stuff we all have to do to stay sane.

“Some people like religion, some like doing marathons, I like holding crystals,” Anna joked

Anna has taken inspiration from her relationship with her best friend Holly, who she meets during a full moon.

“We’ve a little witchcraft book and its stories, tales from back in the day. We have a little chat, a check in about how we’re feeling, how our month went and how we want to move forward,” Anna added.

“There’s a lot of ceremonies around full moons. You might light a candle, manifest getting rid of a certain negative pattern in your life and wish it farewell.

“I thought about it, and I wanted to do something monthly. I wanted to bring people together, tie in my own comedy and form a community.

“It’s not super spooky, I just make it a little bit different than a normal comedy night. I’ll check in on the crowd, I’ll ask them about the full moon on Tuesday and if anyone felt anything, I read a few peoples horoscopes, tarot cards, and sage – people are really into that.

“People will shout up that they’re a Taurus and ask what’s going to happen to them. It’s a bit different than a normal comedy night; they might ask you what you do for a living, I’ll ask you what your star sign is, and I’ll see if there’s any funny stories to share off the back of that.

“It’s definitely for everyone. There’s some people really into their full moon rituals and astrology. I’ve people there who don’t believe any of it, but they have a ball.

“I’m not here to give lectures, I’m there to have a laugh. My thing is that nobody has a clue, everything is there to be poked fun at.”

Anna will be hosting Comedy for Witches this Thursday in Peadar Kearney’s Pub on Dame Street. This month, comedians will include Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick, Fiona Frawley, and Saoirse Smith.

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